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    The feeling of insecurity can easily overwhelm us, especially when others treat us in a way we think, we don’t deserve. When we feel insecure, we create a lot of problems and suffering in our lives, as we don’t feel free, confident and strong to take the actions we need in order to live with joy and fulfillment. The purpose of this article is to provide you with Affirmations and Tips for Insecurity.

    Change the way you think about yourself and enjoy your life on your own terms.

    • Do you spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to get people to like you?
    • Do you ever pretend to be someone you’re not because you think you’re not good enough?
    • Do you want to share your ideas with others but you’re too afraid to express yourself?
    • Do you want to just be yourself so badly you would do almost anything?

    It seems impossible to completely be ourselves when we have the pressures of life breathing down our backs. Feeling insecure about ourselves can weigh us down until we have no room to enjoy life for what it is.

    We all are attracting what we are “being or feeling” and the best way to know what that is, is by paying attention to how we feel when we interact with other people. People are like mirrors of our inner state of being and they reflect what we feel. This is especially true when it comes to the people we are very close to.

    It all depends on our dominant thoughts, or in other words,  our thought habits. Positive thinking is something that doesn’t come naturally, it takes a concentrated effort to master it for most people. It is very important to understand, that we have power over our habits of thinking and so we also have power over insecurities.

    When we feel insecure, our perception changes and also our inner state of being will reflect this on the outside and through the people we interact with. More people all of a sudden will appear in our presence, which will confirm our insecurity. So in order to change the feeling, we must  start changing our inner state of being.  WE ATTRACT EXACTLY WHAT WE FEEL.

    Try some of the following affirmations- pick the ones that you like the best and recite them often. Use your smartphone to record yourself saying the affirmations and use it for subliminal messaging to your subconscious.  Practice them often, it doesn’t take a miracle to stop feeling insecure, it just takes patience and time.

    Present Tense Affirmations
    I am confident with myself
    I am unique
    I am special
    I bring something different to my environment
    I am a great person
    I am a strong-minded individual
    My opinions are important
    I see the world for what it is
    I am as important as anyone else
    I am original


    Future Tense Affirmations
    I will stop caring what others think of me
    I will focus on myself
    I will concentrate on improving myself
    I am becoming more independent
    I will see myself more accurately
    I will be more confident with what I do and say
    I will stop feeling like I need to impress people
    I will stop being afraid to be myself
    I will be more daring
    I will stop being insecure


    Natural Affirmations
    I always do the things I love
    I believe in myself
    I simply love who I am
    I am always honest with myself
    I am talented at many things
    I realize that I am equal to my peers
    I am naturally immune from jealousy
    I am naturally good enough for anyone
    People care about what I have to say
    I am always important to others


    1. Am I successful in letting go of my insecurities?
    2. What factors prevent me from releasing my vulnerable feelings? How can I overcome my insecure feelings?
    3. What positive messages can I give myself to help me let go of these feelings?


    Affirmations and Tips for Insecurity


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